The Methodist Church in Ireland and the Church of Ireland


1 We acknowledge one another's churches as belonging to the One, Holy, Catholic
and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ and as truly participating in the apostolic
mission of the whole people of God.

2 We acknowledge that in each of our churches the Word of God is authentically
preached and the sacraments of baptism and holy communion authentically
administered according to the command of Christ.

3 We acknowledge that both our churches share in a common faith set forth
in the scriptures and summarised in the historic creeds.

4 We acknowledge our common inheritance in traditions of spirituality
and liturgy .We rejoice in our diversity from which we may mutually benefit as
we continue to develop varied forms of worship as appropriate to different

5 We acknowledge each other's ordained ministries as given by God and as
instruments of his grace by which our churches are served and built up. As
pilgrims together, we look forward to the time when our ministries can be fully
interchangeable and our churches visibly united.

6 We acknowledge that personal, collegial and communal oversight is embodied
and practised in both churches, as each seeks to express continuity of apostolic
life, mission and ministry.

Therefore :

We believe that God is calling our two churches to a fuller relationship in which we commit ourselves
· to share a common life and mission.
· to grow together so that unity may be visibly realized.

As the next steps towards that goal, we agree:

1 to pray for and with one another and to avail of every opportunity to worship

2 to welcome one another's members to receive Holy Communion and other
ministries as appropriate

3 to share resources in order to strengthen the mission of the Church

4 to help our members to appreciate and draw out the gifts which each of our
traditions has to offer the whole people of God

5 to encourage the invitation of authorised persons of each church to minister in
the other church, as far as the current disciplines of both churches permit;

6 (a) to encourage united Methodist/Church of Ireland congregations
(i) where there are joint church schemes,
(ii) where new churches are to be planted,
(iii) where local congregations wish to move in this direction;

(b) to encourage united Methodist / Church of Ireland chaplaincy work;

7 to enable a measure of joint training of candidates for ordained and
lay ministries of our churches where possible and appropriate and to encourage
mutual understanding at all levels in our churches;

8 to establish appropriate forms of consultation on matters of faith and
order, mission and service;

9 to participate as observers by invitation in each other's forms of governance at
every possible level

10 to learn more about the practice of oversight in each other's churches in order to
achieve a fuller sharing of ministries at a later stage of our relationship.